How to Connect your Walk Fundraiser to Facebook

Did you know that your friends and family can donate to your campaign directly from Facebook? This makes it even easier to share your cause get everyone excited about Walk for Children's!

Use these steps to connect your Walk fundraiser to Facebook:

  1. Log into the Walk Website and access your participant center

  2. Find the box that reads: Reach Your Goal Faster – Raise Money Directly on Facebook

  3. Click the button ‘Connect Fundraiser to Facebook’

  4. A new window should open, prompting you to login to Facebook, or confirm your Facebook account info

  5. Click ‘OK’ to allow Walk for Children’s to fundraise via Facebook

  6. Text from your Walk page will pull directly into your Facebook Fundraiser. You can still make edits to your Facebook fundraiser through Facebook. All the money you raise on Facebook will be reflected on your Walk page on the Walk for Children’s website!