Walk for Children's 2024

Walk for Olipop

Our team will be walking this year in honor of Oliver David Tomko and Chromosome 6 Deletion. Olipop passed away a few days before his 9 month birthday. He spent almost a month in the NICU and fought very hard to catch up. We had noticed some irregularities and asked if he could be having seizures to which a nurse thought she saw the same thing and gave us referrals. Unfortunately, Oli passed away before he could be seen. We knew he had chromosome 6 deletion but not the outcomes. There is not much research on the condition and is very rare. Our hope would be to start a study on chromosome 6 deletion and other uncommon variations. We always said we thought Oliver was going to grow up to do something big and maybe being the reason it gets light is it ❤ 
Together, we can achieve the healthy future that every child deserves.
Thank you for your support to Oliver, our family, and UPMC  as we Walk for Children’s!
-Walk For Olipop
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