Patient Champions


These are just a few of the faces of WHY we walk.  

They each tell a story of overcoming an obstacle and pushing through adversity. Our patients are courageous and don’t back down from a fight. Instead, they stand up and face it like a champion.

In recognition and in celebration for all they’ve been through and overcome, we recognize our brave patients who we call our Patient Champions whether they are currently being treated at UPMC Children’s, a past patient, or in remembrance of those who are no longer with us. These kids show great strength and courage throughout their medical journeys and are the definition of a true patient champion.

This year, we ask our community to join us as we “Walk A Mile in Their Shoes”.

Why We Walk

This year we celebrate and recognize each patient and family for their unique journey and ask our community to raise money and “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes”. Share your UPMC Children’s story whether it lasted hours, months, years, or is ongoing and inspire other families and the community to join.

  • nora full.png

    Nora, Nora’s Warriors

    We plan to walk for Nora, but also for Nora's friends. For all of the beautiful and strong families that we have met and will meet along this journey. Kids, who, like Nora, have extra challenges that they didn't ask for and don't deserve.

  • jack full.png

    Jack, Jack Jack Strong

    Walking a mile in Jack’s shoes is like that of a typical kindergartener. He likes to jump head first into activities and likes to keep busy. Three times a day he takes his meds and may occasionally need to take a little break to recharge throughout the day. He doesn’t let anything hold him back. We’re very grateful for the wonderful, life changing care UPMC and Dr. Vockley & his staff have provided for Jack.

  • cam full.png


    Walking a mile in Cam’s shoes means having among the best comprehensive and compassionate care in the country right here at our own Down Syndrome Center. It also means balancing appointments across 13 remarkable subspecialities to ensure she continues to have the best opportunities to thrive. We are looking forward to joining Walk this year!


Mother and child smiling with Walk for Children's photo frame

We recognize all our champions with a:

  • special purple Walk for Children’s 2023 shirt
  • patient champion medal

All you need to do is register your child as a ‘Patient Champion’ during registration. Select child, then answer ‘yes’ to the “Are you a Patient Champion?” question.



Register Today

Join us in supporting more families like the above by registering for Walk for Children’s presented by UPMC and UPMC Health Plan. Regardless of how you choose to participate, your support and fundraising helps provide hope, healing, and answers for the sickest and bravest kids in our community.

Sign up today as a Patient Champion