Philanthropy touches every medical service we offer, every stop along a patient’s journey, and every groundbreaking idea yet to be discovered. It’s what transforms a scary day of surgery into a treasure map adventure leading a child to a favorite toy at discharge. And it's where life-saving research is born through creative collaborations. 

You help make this possible with your support of Walk for Children’s 2022 presented by UPMC and UPMC Health Plan.

Online Fundraising Badges 

We will be recognizing our most committed walkers with fun online Walk badges. There are badges for different milestones – how much you or your team raises, if you’re a patient champion, and many more. Badges will automatically be added to your page once you hit the milestone.

Challenge your friends, family, and teammates to see who can collect the most badges on their personal fundraising page. Some badge winners will be formally recognized leading up and on Walk day.


Helpful Fundraising Tools 

Fundraising Tips 

What’s your Goal? Think about how much you want to raise and set your personal fundraising goal today. On average, walkers that personalize their page raise $275.

Be the First. Make the first donation and set the tone for your fundraising.  

Share your Link. Once you’ve created your fundraising page, send the link to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors! 

Send a letter (mail or email). Write a personal note to family and friends sharing what UPMC Children’s means to you, why you created a fundraising page, and encourage them to make a donation on your behalf. 

Matching Gifts Use the search tool above to see if your company will match your donation. 

Social Media Use social media to help get the word out about Walk, share with others what UPMC Children’s has meant to you and your family, and ask others to donate to your page. Be sure to tag Children’s (@childrenspgh) in your posts/stories and use the hashtag #WalkforChildrens.

Check out our Instagram Story Toolkit for some shareable story templates to get your followers' support!

IG Template 1.png IG Template 2.png IG Template 3.png IG Template 4.png
IG Template 5.png IG Template 6.png IG Template 7.png IG Template 8.png


Matching Gifts 

Does Your Company Match Charitable Donations?  

Many businesses and corporations match charitable gifts (and volunteer hours) made by their employees, retirees, and employee spouses’ dollar for dollar. To find out if your employer (or your spouse’s employer) is one of the 17,000 companies that match gifts, please use our search tool below.  


Checks should be made out to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation and mailed to: 

ATTN: Walk for Children’s
UPMC Children's Hospital Foundation
4401 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

All offline donations (such as cash or checks) you receive will need a donation form attached when you turn it in. Attaching the form will let us properly credit your fundraising page and also make sure that your supporters are acknowledged properly. Online gifts through your personal fundraising page do not need a donation form, as they are tracked automatically.  

A Beginner’s Guide to Fundraising

The first step on your journey to being an incredibly successful fundraiser is to prepare. Think about how you’re going to fundraise, who you're going to ask to donate to this important cause, and why you're fundraising. 

How will you fundraise? 

There are countless ways to raise money for important causes like UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t mean they’re all going to work for you. Fundraising comes naturally to some people, while others might find it uncomfortable to ask people to contribute to their cause—if you’re in this camp, we understand! To figure out what you feel most comfortable with and what methods will help you be most successful, you should first consider your hobbies and interests and how you can organically incorporate them into your fundraising efforts. Examples could be hosting an event or contest for your friends, family, and/or colleagues who are interested in the same things you are! 

Who will you ask to donate? 

Think about those with whom you interact regularly. Your friends, family members, colleagues, classmates, social media connections, and more—all of these individuals (and their contacts!) are potential donors! Why are you fundraising? Your why is the most important part of your fundraising efforts.

Why did you make this commitment in the first place? 

More than likely, you have a strong connection with a child who is or was a patient at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and you understand how critical it is to support Walk for Children’s so that our patients receive the best care possible. Your story—your why—is powerful and motivating. Knowing your why and sharing your story can help bring awareness to Walk for Children’s, spark interest in potential donors to contribute, and maybe even find others who have shared a similar experience. 

These are just some things to think about as you start your fundraising efforts. We’ll share more tips and ideas over the next several months to help you (and your team!) be as successful as possible!

Five Myths About Fundraising: BUSTED

We’re sharing the top five myths about how hard it is to fundraise and the best ways for YOU to combat each one!

Myth 1: No one cares (about my fundraising efforts or why I’m fundraising)

Busted: Your friends and family don’t know that they need to care if you haven’t shared your WHY with them! You know exactly why you’ve chosen to participate and make a commitment to fundraising. If you don’t share that WHY though, how are your friends and family supposed to know that this is important to you and that they can support you and your efforts very easily? 

Myth 2: People think I’m greedy if I ask them for money

Busted: Asking people for money can be uncomfortable. Here’s the thing, though: you’re not asking for you. You’re asking for your child. For your niece or nephew. For your grandchild. For your friend’s child. You’re asking for their child. For their niece or nephew. For their grandchild. For their friend’s child. UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh treats children from all over the world, and you’re asking for help and support for something far greater than yourself.

Myth 3: I can’t do this

Busted: You don’t need a background in fundraising to be a great fundraiser. All you need is your why—the reason you signed up for this year’s Walk for Children’s. You have an important story to tell, and your friends and family will want to support you. 

Myth 4: Everyone will tell me “no”

Busted: While some connections might choose to not donate to your cause, several will recognize why it’s so important to you (and to them and children in their community) and chip in a few dollars. For those who don’t, simply thank them for considering and move to the next individual. 

Myth 5: My story isn’t special

Busted: Every parent will tell you that the experience of seeing their child spend any time in the hospital is one of the worst of their life. If you’re that parent, or you know one of those parents, you have a story to tell. It’s an important one, and sharing it is what’s going to make this year’s Walk for Children’s a success.

How to Connect your Walk Fundraiser to Facebook

Did you know that your friends and family can donate to your campaign directly from Facebook? This makes it even easier to share your cause get everyone excited about Walk 2022!

Use these steps to connect your Walk fundraiser to Facebook:

  1. Log into the Walk Website and access your participant center

  2. Find the box that reads: Reach Your Goal Faster – Raise Money Directly on Facebook

  3. Click the button ‘Connect Fundraiser to Facebook’

  4. A new window should open, prompting you to login to Facebook, or confirm your Facebook account info

  5. Click ‘OK’ to allow Walk for Children’s to fundraise via Facebook

  6. Text from your Walk page will pull directly into your Facebook Fundraiser. You can still make edits to your Facebook fundraiser through Facebook. All the money you raise on Facebook will be reflected on your Walk page on the Walk for Children’s website!

3 Fundraising Trends You May Have Missed

Throughout the years, fundraising has always had the same goal - to raise funds and support a specific cause. Every fundraising pro knows how to go about fundraising, but not everyone is an expert. We're here to help! Hereare three fundraising trends you may have missed:

Tip #1: Adding a Personalized Touch

Now that you’ve shared your Why, it’s time to follow up with your friends and family. Sending out personalized letters, or even emails, will show them just how important your fundraising is to you. Friends and family are more likely to respond or donate if they know you’re reaching out to each of them specifically. Have they already donated? Send them a thank you note! Having a tangible object in their hands reminds them that their donation really does help. Have your patient champion color them a picture, or even record a thank you video. The possibilities are endless!

Check out our example note below:

Sample Personal Letter

Tip #2: Challenge Your Friends and Family

With social media on the rise, a great way to encourage your friends and families involvement is to challenge them. Whether it’s a personalized challenge or an individual challenge, the choice is yours!

Make a blog post or social media post asking people to stop buying their favorite coffee drinks or fast food for a week. At the end of the week, they can donate that money to your Walk Team! It’s a great way to encouragepeople to save their money and donate it to a great cause instead of just spending it on coffee once a day.

Or, create a match challenge! Tell your friends for every $5 they donate on a particular day, you’ll donate $1 in addition to theirs. So, if they donate $25, you’d donate an additional $5, bringing their total donation to $30. Don’t beafraid to get creative with your challenges!

Tip #3: Facebook Fundraising

While most people may already use Facebook Fundraising, it’s still one of the latest fundraising trends in 2022. This tool allows you to reach your friends and family, but it also allows you to reach new people. Your personalized Facebook fundraising page will already tell your story, so now you just have to share it to raise awareness!

If only three people share your page, you will still have hundreds of new eyes seeing it. The goal for the page isn’t necessarily for you to share it, but for your friends, and your friends of friends to share it. The more networks they share it to, the more people you will reach and share your story with!

Expectations vs. Reality: When Your Child Is Admitted to Children’s

Shared by a UPMC Children's Mom:

In December 2019, my almost one-year-old son had what my husband and I thought was a really bad cold. I took him to his pediatrician’s office where he received a treatment for croup to help him breathe more easily, and I stayed home from work to be with him. Two days later, when we removed his shirt and saw his chest retracting, we knew it was more than croup. 

Once we were in an exam room at his pediatrician’s office, the doctor took one look at our sweet little boy and said some scary words: “He needs to go to the ER.” She left to call an ambulance, leaving my husband and me with looks of horror on our faces and tears streaming down my cheeks as I held our crying and scared son.

Expectation: Everyone will rush around like on a TV medical drama.

Reality: This couldn’t be further from the truth. From the EMTs who met us at the pediatrician’s office to the nurses and doctors who worked with us in the emergency room at Children’s, not one person rushed. Everyone was deliberate and calm. At the time, it felt like they weren’t taking it as seriously as I wanted them to. Looking back, though, I know that it’s their job to remain calm and composed while facing an emergency - they actually helped keep me calmer than I would have been if they had met my level of urgency and terror.


Expectation: The doctors and nurses have so many patients that they won’t have time for questions.

Reality: While I have no doubt the doctors and nurses were incredibly busy, they always took the time to listen to our concerns and fears and answered all of our questions as completely as they could.


Expectation: They will be impatient.

Reality: Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. From the second the experts at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh met our son, they were so understanding that he was just a baby. They brought him toys, tried different tactics to keep him distracted while they put in an IV, and tolerated when he kept grabbing at their masks (Keep in mind this was pre-COVID - he had never seen anyone with a mask before!).


Expectation: We’ll be separated from our child while they take him for tests.

Reality: They never even made me stop holding him the entire time we were in the ER. When it was time to move him to the PICU, I still didn’t have to let him go: they told me to sit on the gurney and they wheeled us together. 


Expectation: We won’t understand what’s happening.

Reality: The doctors and nurses explained everything to us in simple terms that we could understand. They could tell if we had follow-up questions and wouldn’t leave unless they were confident we knew everything we needed to know.


Expectation: We’ll get kicked out as soon as the treatment is over.

Reality: After one night in the PICU, the doctors recommended that we stay for one more night just so they could observe our little guy and be 100% sure. They didn’t want us to need to return.


Expectation: We’ll be in a sterile, uninviting environment.

Reality: Sterile? Yes. Uninviting? Far from it. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh offered such a welcoming environment that kept our son entertained (when he was feeling up to it) and helped our family feel safe. While our son wasn’t even a year old yet, we saw children taking part in activities like painting, reading, music, and more.

Realizing your child needs to be in a hospital will never NOT be scary. It was definitely the scariest experience of my life. But the team at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh took excellent care of our son AND made sure that our experience wasn’t scarier than it had to be. While I hope we never have to go back, I know that if we do my son will receive the best care possible no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register to walk?

  • Visit our Registration Page.
  • Join as an individual, join a team, or create a team
  • Invite others to walk with you or donate to your fundraising page!

Can I register on the day of the event?
Yes, but we strongly recommend you pre-register to make sure you have all the information you need. This also gives you time to fundraise for the Walk. If you register the day of the event, the cost is $25 for adults (18 and older) and $5 for kids (17 and younger).

My whole family is walking. Does everyone need to register?
Yes. For planning purposes, we require that all walkers register. Register your whole family at once by choosing ‘Register Another Walker’ before you complete your registration. All registered walkers will be mailed a Walk for Children’s t-shirt.

Can I register multiple people in one transaction?
Yes. The option to register additional individuals will appear prior to finishing your registration. Please note, that additional registrants will be linked to your fundraising page and will not receive their own additional pages. Should each individual want his or her separate page, they will need to register separately and provide unique email addresses.

Can I switch teams after I've registered?
Yes. Please email your request to and mark the subject line "Switch Team." Don't forget to include your full name, current team, and team you would like to switch to.

Do I have to be on a team in order to participate in Walk for Children’s?
No. You can register to walk as an individual. Visit and click on 'Register' and follow the prompts.

If I participate in walk, what day do I walk?
We’ll all be walking on Saturday, June 4 regardless if you are in person with us or walking from any location of your choice. However, if you want to walk at a later time that day, that is fine too. We just ask that you walk a mile at some point during the day.

Can I walk before the event?
Yes. Get your family together and get your steps in. Take photos and videos and post on social media leading up to Walk using #WalkforChildrens. Then, join us on Saturday, June 4, to walk the last mile together.

I'm having trouble with my account and/or registration. Who do I call?
For any questions or concerns, please contact us at or call 412-692-3900.


Do I need to fundraise a certain amount to receive a t-shirt?
No. All registered Walkers will receive a t-shirt.

How do I get my t-shirt?
T-shirt’s will be mailed to all participants this year. Shirts will be sent to the address entered during registration. Walkers must register before Monday, May 23, to receive their shirt before the event. Anyone that registers after that date, will receive their shirt after the event.

Can I pick up shirts for others on my team?
No. We will not be offering t-shirt pick up this year. All shirts will be mailed.

Do I have to wear the Walk for Children’s t-shirt during Walk?
No, it’s not required. Some walkers choose to create their own unique shirts.

Are kids’ sizes available?
Yes. We have 6-9 months, 12-18 months, 2T – 5T, and youth sizes.


Is there a minimum fundraising amount?
No, we do not have a minimum fundraising amount for teams or individuals. The cost of registration guarantees your ability to participate. However, we strongly encourage all participants to work towards their personal fundraising goals. Check out our fundraising tools for more help.

Will I be charged if I don’t hit my fundraising goal?
No, but we encourage creativity to fulfill and even exceed your fundraising goal!

If I don’t want to participate in the Walk, can I still donate?
Yes. Thank you so much for your generosity! You can direct your donations to an individual or team here.

Are donations and registration fees tax-deductible?
Yes. Your registration fee and all additional donations are tax deductible. Gifts to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Our tax identification number is 25-1865744.

What are matching gifts?
A matching gift program is an opportunity offered by some employers to assist their employees in philanthropic efforts, where employers match a percentage of their employees fundraising. Please contact your Human Resources Department to see if your company has a matching gift program, or visit our matching gifts page to find out more.

What is my Participant Center and how do I use it?
You will use your Participant Center to access your fundraising page. Within your Participant Center, you can share your story, update your fundraising goal, track donations, send emails, and post comments leading up to Walk.

How do I use my personal fundraising page?
A personal fundraising page is automatically created for you when you register for Walk for Children's. Through your Participant Center, you can customize your personal fundraising page. You can share your page with friends and family through social media and email. We encourage you to personalize your page for greater impact.

How do I make a donation?
Supporters may donate to you by making a gift online to your personal fundraising page. Gifts are automatically tracked through the page. You’ll receive notifications when gifts are made so you can personally thank your supporters. The Foundation will also acknowledge your supporters' gifts via a tax receipt. Gifts can also be made through cash and check. These gifts will need to be mailed to the address below or brought to Walk and dropped off at the donation center. A form or note with the walker or team who should receive credit must be attached to each gift.

UPMC Children's Hospital Foundation
4401 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Who should checks be made payable to?
All checks should be made payable to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation and turned in with a deposit slip.

Do I need a gift deposit slip for each gift?
Yes. For each donation you receive offline (such as cash or checks), you will need to attach a deposit slip when you turn it in. Attaching the form will let us properly credit your fundraising goal and also make sure that your supporters are acknowledged properly. Online gifts through your personal fundraising page do not need a donation form, as they are tracked automatically.

Where do I get a donation form?
You can download our donation form to print here.

Can I mail in several gifts and deposit slips in one envelope?
Yes. Just be sure to attach a completed deposit slip to each gift.

Can I drop off gifts?
We do not have the ability at this time to schedule gift drop offs. Please mail in gifts to the address below:

UPMC Children's Hospital Foundation
4401 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

My supporter needs a tax receipt letter. How do I get one?
Donors must provide their first and last name with a full address to receive a tax receipt. For cash and checks, be sure the deposit slip includes the donor's full name and address, and we will mail them a letter when their gift has been processed. A tax receipt is automatically generated for supporters when they give online through your personal fundraising page.


How do I create a team?
Thanks for being a Team Captain! Now, just follow these few simple steps:

How do I join a team?
When you register, select the option to join a team. Search for your team's name. If your team is related to a company, you can also search by company name.

Do I have to be on a team in order to participate in the walk?
No. You can register to walk as an individual.

Do all teammates have to fundraise?
Each team member is encouraged to set and reach a personal fundraising goal. Check out some helpful fundraising tips to get started.

Can a team receive a gift?
No. You can donate to an individual or make a general donation to the Walk. Teams generally set a team fundraising goal in addition to the individual goals set by each team member. Funds raised by each team member will count toward the team fundraising goal.

I'm already registered to walk as an individual, but I want to start my own team or join a team. Is it too late?
Not at all! Please email or call 412-692-3900, and we will make the change for you.

Event Information

Where will Walk be located?
Walk for Children’s 2022 presented by UPMC and UPMC Health Plan will be back at Flagstaff Hill at Schenley Park this year. However, you can walk at any location of your choice as well. That can be at home on your treadmill, in your neighborhood, at your local park, on the beach, or in the hallways at work. Regardless of where you are located, you can participate.

How long is the Walk?
We’re asking our participants to walk, stroll, roll, wheel, climb, run, jump, hop, or skip for a mile or more in support of our patient champions and their families.

Can I ride my bike or rollerblade?
Yes. Since you can participate from anywhere, you can bike, rollerblade, skateboard, hoverboard, and anything alike if the location you choose allows it. Please refrain from any of the above at our in-person Schenley Park location.

My event question isn't listed here. Who can I contact for information?
For more information about the event, you can email or call 412-692-3900.