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* Jack *

Super Jack Jack

At 9 days old our pediatrician heard what was thought an innocent heart murmur and we made an appointment with Cardiology for  March. Thanks to an angel we got an earlier cardiology appointment on January 10, 2019 ♡ 

January 10th was the by far the worst day of our lives, but the day that saved or Jack Jack ♡

As a mom at an appointment for what I thought was going to be "just being cautious", I was not expecting to hear what I was told. He was a "happy and healthy" baby. 

Our world stopped when we found out Jack was in heart failure with 4 holes in his heart (actually 5) and a narrow aortic arch amongst other heart concerns and needed immediate open heart surgery.

 "You need to go now, would you like an ambulance?" When we arrived at Children's they informed us it was a miracle that we got him there when we did. Within hours, we were meeting doctors and surgeons about how to fix our baby's broken heart. 

Over the next 72 hours, those symptoms quickly appeared. He would go from a baby that on the outside appeared happy and healthy, to blood transfusions, being pumped full of medications, and increased oxygen as we awaited his life saving surgery.  On January 14, Dr Castro, Dr Viegas and their team of superheroes would fix 2 of his large holes and the arch through open heart surgery.  

We would spend 15 long days at CHP with ups and downs.13 of them in the Cardiac ICU and go through every emotion with our family by our side.

I cannot say enough amazing things about the staff, doctors and nurses. They are Godsent and miracle workers who took care of Jack and us. They answered every question and helped with every emotion we had. We are lucky enough to live in a city with a top children's hospital. 

We do not know what caused our Jack to have his precious heart. 1% of babies are born with Congenital Heart Defects and the causes and the causes why aren't easily known. 

Dr West and the staff at Children's do everything to make our appointments relaxing and calm. They answer every question and make Jack feel special. We know that this is an unpredictable journey but  with our the team at Children's Hospital we know we are in the best place. 

Our little boy is a miracle, fighter and true super hero. His situation has helped save future babies as all newborns now need to be seen within 3 days of calling for an appointment.

Jack is now 4 years old and hasn't had any additional interventions and is currently not on medications. He is a thriving wild child that you wouldn't know has a special heart that keeps us on our toes. For that we are forever grateful!

His heart is his super power and we will continue to make it stronger!  Please join us in helping to make sure all children have a chance for their super hero powers to shine and change the World. 

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